dessert and drinks menu:

shave ice, taro, grass jelly, red bean, tapioca with thai ice tea syrup, pana cotta  $7.99

affogato, vietnamese espresso, condensed milk ice cream  $4.99

 specialty drinks:

iced coffee, served over shaved ice like a slushy  $3.99

iced thai tea, served over shaved ice like a slushy  $3.99


coke, pop, etc  $1.99

Asian soft drinks  $2.99


postmark blonde, vancouver 355ml  $4.99

postmark pale ale, vancouver 650ml  $9.99

taiwanese beer,  taiwan 355ml  $4.99

red truck ipa,  vancouver 355ml  $6.99

singha, lager,  thailand 355ml  $6.99

chang, lager,  thailand 355ml  $6.99

broken ladder cider,  kelowna 473ml  $6.99


hibiscus ginger margarita  $8.99

salted plum ricky  $8.99